top 10 ways for self-care

You don’t get all days to practice your way of life, here are the top 10 ways to self-care, which is hard at first but it will worth your time and life. Follow the steps and put a big smile when you finish.

schedule with coffee

Always organizing things will make your life easy. life is simple and all solutions for your answers are in your head, all you need is just sort it out.  Take a pen and paper and jot it down about your tomorrows works, always finish your difficult tasks first. cut down your useless works unless doesn’t give out shit in the future. Always simplify your priorities for your first step in self-care.

Digital detox

We know, the world is digital absolutely there is no doubt in it, that no one can beat technologies but here is the thing do you ever wonder how much time you spend in those social media and digital stuff. here are some crazy facts according to Kings university.

  • People touch their phones on average of 2,617 per times per day
  • iPhone owners unlock their phones 80 times per day.
  • Rest you do the math.

So why don’t you have detox like 

  • Stop checking your phone after waking up 
  • use “Do not disturb” mode
  • No phones while you’re going to bed.



Move your body, let it sweat and you get the feel that you can do anything in this world. Those Blood pressure pumping from your heart , adrenaline rush will make it work for you, trust me guys. Anything would make your body sweat is awesome, like running, Picking up a sport (football, Basketball or badminton) as long as it makes you sweat.

Here are some facts about exercising:

  • It create new brain cells which will make you smarter
  •  Working out 3 days a week for 45 minutes will reduce your  ageing process
  • You get less sick since it will increase your immunity
  • gives best sleep
  • Boosts self-esteem
to do lists

Writing down things will make you realistic person in life especially, when you write something like to-do list, it automatically makes your brains reacts to it and rest is history. start somethings you really want to do, for next day and next week. writing  will help you to stop procrastination and increase your self esteem and more positive vibes 

be you

Yeah you, the one reading this please be yourself. you’re already perfect in your own way you don’t need anyone’s approval to be in this world take courage and stand what you believe for. Nobody gives shit about you until you’re bad ass, you are one among those thousand million sperms (the best one ) to be out in this world, you have purpose, goals and brand new mysterious life ahead and go! discover it.

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create a futur self

Start today where your are, right now this best time to start, future is better than today, create a system which will make your goals come true automatically, speaking of “system” like reading a page for one-day will make you to finish a book in no time, studying one word in a foreign language will make you fluent in one year moreover the choice is yours. what are you waiting for go ahead beat the bush around and become who you wanted to be..

Albert Einstein third law will make it works here.,Every action has its opposite reaction, so take action smartly.


Try eating healthy

eat healthy

Avoid those pizzas, fast foods, sweets which will degrade your condition of your body and also unhygienic to health. Avoid and your body will thank you later. Take those vitamin rich foods, fruits, salmon, nuts  etc,… 


Start a Diary

start a diary

Start writing things! when was the last time you went on a trip with friends or family and most importantly what did you learn from those awesome trips whether its a solo or road trip with your folks write down an important part which will remain those memories because we forget things only the perfect moments we remember.

write a gratitude dairy anything that will make you remember the moment in the future. 

Avoid phone diaries, strictly follow the pen and note style which is also classical and you will be happy to see your hand writings.


Self Talk

self talk

Talking to yourself is weird but famous investor said “At the end of the day have a conversation with one of the greatest person in life, which is you!” and studies shows that talking to yourself is the first step to success according to BBC news.

Self taking is sign of confidence,memory recall and focus

Next time when you’re alone try taking to yourself and don’t be afraid to talk to the best creation you ever met which is you!


Laugh often

laugh often

Laugh is the one of the best medicines in the world according to Tamil proverb, it goes like “Open your mouth and laugh and your sickness will flee” and don’t forget to smile at stranger and wish them their day, this will definitely help people to have positive vibe around you.

So next time if accidentally meet me, make sure your teethes are out and saying “Hi”

The End!

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