5 tips for perfect night sleep.

5 ways to get sleep
Sleep one of the important factor in human life how to get a peaceful sleep is a question? for every so here is the top five ways to get good night sleep which will make your life better in upcoming days

1. Lights while you sleep.

While sleeping you need to sleep in complete darkness. Since our body function is automatic for example when sun is up our body is ready and active same goes in night also when the sun is set our body too goes inactive. So even you’ll not be aware of your surrounding while sleeping but our brain does. you can increase quality of sleep by putting your phone away before you sleep, turn off your lights completely, do not sleep in front of turned on television it will greatly impact your brain cycle. 

2. Noises that affect sleep!

Noise plays a vital role in sleeping, For instance don’t turn your music loud while sleeping unplug sound causing factors for a peaceful sleep.

3. What is the perfect Temperature to sleep.

Actually there is a temperature for sleeping according to studies the average temperature for sleeping is 67 degree Fahrenheit in a room its not too hot or too cold but its indeed to cause you to sleep peacefully. so, next time check your room temperature for getting quality of sleep.

4. Hidden Pains that affect your sleep.

There are hidden factors that affect your perfect sleep number one factor is pain. i know these pains are temperary but it might affect in your future for instance bumpy bed might give acute back pain to cause trouble to your spine. and big pillows give neck pains so be careful in selecting those pillows and bed.

5. Finally things need for good night sleep.

  • Mattress
  • Pillow
  • Avoid just one more episodes 
  • Curtains that helps to darken your room
  • Ear plugs
  • Eye coverings 

These are the things help you to get some peaceful sleep at night.

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