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Founder of this blog

Who is Jay? He is an introvert, love travelling solo, He loves to watch those hanging stars in the night sky and wonder why we exist. one day he thought of making difference and then he found this Blog to connect with world and he shouts “here I am!”. Doing the works calling people to collaborate and sharing a piece of knowledge across the globe.

Who is Nive? she is an Artist, interior and textile designer expert moreover she is graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology. She also creates craft from trash to treasure, especially with those recycled glass bottles. She is a vivid photographer and a Rustic lover.


creator of doodledrops



Who is karthik ? He is a techie by professional, working in infosys limited. He is a “yes man”, optimistic about others, a constant admirer of nature from childhood and transient of the current technologies. 

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