How to ace your first skype interview.

How to ace your first Skype interview.

 Are you nervous about your first Skype interview, no worries! You are in the right place to know, this blog will guide you how to ace first Skype interview?

1.check your laptop's camera and Audio

Number one rule to keep in mind about Skype interview is your camera and Audio are loud and clear. An interview is all about clarity and expression. Always check your computer or laptop camera quality by checking with your friends. Clean your camera and buy a tasty variety of headphones (if you needed) to convey your messages to the interviewer.

2.Dressing sense for skype.

Always be professional while in the Skype or Online interview. And One more thing, what most people do is they’ll dress from top to the waistline but not the lower part (be cautious), and please don’t ever do that! Once, my friend was in that kind of situation the interviewer asked for a specific document without realizing, my friend stood up headed to his rooms. 

He provided his materials and finally, he came to realize that he dressed up to waistline ( Thank god the interviewer was friendly and let it slide) so dress fully and sit in your interview. Do not be in casuals, correct your camera angle for a better view, and check your surrounding while giving an interview because dim lightnings may bring lousy impression and your background too (Nobody likes messy right!)

3.Type of interview in skype

Always cross check

Nobody likes to be late for an interview


Call or mail your interviewer or respective authority for confirmation about how will they contact you “will they will call you, or you need to enter into the virtual lobby” whatever. 

   “Always remember the above quote”

Once there was a situation for me. yeah, that’s right you heard correctly For me they provided me with the Skype interview links to my email. Still, I was casual and thought they would call me, on the interview day, I was ready half an hour before the interview. But, I didn’t receive a call from the interviewer I was waiting it was ten minutes past, I headed to mail and checked there was a message from the interviewer ” hello dear I am waiting in the virtual lobby for the interview please come ” I was shocked and suddenly installed Skype business and attended but unfortunately I failed the meeting ( It was my first Skype interview).

4. Look at the camera, not the screen.

what most people do is they’ll look the screen instead of camera yeah I know everyone wanted to see their face, but it’s a different story in an interview. So make sure to smile and look at the camera for a better impression always Make sure you’re in private mode. And avoid interruption.

5. Be prepare your mind for surprise.

Practicing is the best way to improve your chance to convey your message so practice first with self-introduction though it’s not necessary but being ready will make you smart. And don’t be surprised by sudden question be prepared to face them. Follow the steps above keep your surrounding bright and do wear a tie, be concise about what you’re saying make sure reply clearly, admit it when your wrong or if you don’t know the answer, last but not least always,  be confident or fake it either of these things will help you to ace the interview.

Here is a video about Skype interview  credits:NTDTrainingVideos



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